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DICTAT, 2011.

video, HD 720p, color, sound,



The Dictat was performed in the Amphitheater of the Youth Center in Split. On this occasion, I acted as intergalactic dictator dressed in a golden costume with a derivative of a Masonic-Nazi visual symbol on the forehead and a projection next to the rostrum. In the background, an audio recording of Hitler's speech is heard, but played backwards so that the discourse is not understood, but the phonological charge is very much felt. I used the lip-sync acting technique and physical theatrical movement in this performance, so it seems that I was the one who is giving the speech. The audience was given a dozen headgear with a sign of a fictitious totalitarian state. This theatrical performance, with the voluntary participation of the audience, questions the models of manipulation of group psychology.

video: DOPUST association

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