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DICTAT, 2011.

video, HD 720p, color, sound,



The Dictat took place in the Amphitheater of the Youth Center in Split. During this performance, I assumed the role of an intergalactic dictator, dressed in a golden costume adorned with a derivative of a Masonic-Nazi visual symbol on the forehead. A projection was displayed next to the rostrum. In the background, an audio recording of Hitler's speech played, but in reverse, rendering the discourse incomprehensible while carrying a distinct phonological impact. To enhance the illusion, I utilized the lip-sync acting technique and physical theatrical movements, creating the impression that I was delivering the speech. The audience was provided with a dozen headgear items featuring the emblem of a fictional totalitarian state. This theatrical performance, which involved voluntary participation from the audience, aims to question the manipulative models of group psychology.

video: DOPUST association

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