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Paracelsus Labs

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Paracelsus Labs is the first alchemy research center on the Ethereum network.

Transmutation, evolution and propagation of the original 33 herbal humanoids are manifested entirely on Open Sea.

Owners can crossbreed, develop, and perfect their creatures with the ingredient tokens. Evolving character traits and properties will depend on the combination of NFT ingredients burned by the owner.

This process is called incubation, and it can be deployed an unlimited number of times. But be careful not to burn the homunculus, as this usually results in it's re-minting in a less rare form.

There will be only 300 ingredients essential for the reproduction of homunculi, so there could be total of 333 creatures in this bestiary.

Community members should use ingredients responsibly to maintain a diversified rarity score.


Basma - Institute forms special department for Technosphere Experimental Research Activities (T.E.R.A.)


Paracelsus Labs was formed as a branch of T.E.R.A. specializing in digital alchemy.

Paracelsus Labs became independent as an autonomous research center.

Philosophers' code program is launched, and the plant-based homunculus is created as a simulation.

The first living homunculus is created.

Paracelsus Labs is being confiscated by the Republic of Croatia. All programs are forcibly stopped..


Vice Tomasović (Vice Guru) became CEO of Basma Institute

Basma Institute went public with the mission of healing the nation.

Parcelsus Labs is re-activated as a department of Basma Institute on Ethereum network.

Philosophers' code program has been partially restored.


Homunculi simulations are launched as NFTs. Artificial intelligence is unable to produce emotions at the moment, which is a key factor in the homunculus transmutation process that has the potential to produce Philosophers' code.


Knowledge about the plant origins of mankind has been present for a long time. Archaic people have inherited the truth about our origins from their ancient myths and legends. In such stories, our evolution is revealed in pictorial language, for example, depicting a child born from the bud of a large plant or seed. Some alchemical manuscripts mention the first real people, Adam and Eve, as the roots of the mandrake plant, which took shape in human form when they came out of the earth. Secret knowledge also teaches about homunculus small people that an alchemist can make in many ways, often by fertilizing a plant with his own seed or planting an egg filled with his own blood in the ground.

All cultures have some version of the plant humanoid that most often brings the springtime. Throughout the history of Western art, we find this motif as a frequent architectural decoration of both sacral and profane objects through many variations. It is mostly depicted as a human face made of leaves, as a representation of a vegetative deity, which originated independently in different civilizations throughout history as a symbol of rebirth and cyclical circulation in nature.




  • 33 initial NFT homunculus are created and offered for sale

  • ingredient tokens are produced and launched

  • a community of independent blockchain alchemy researchers is being organically formed

  • homunculi are evolving



  • the upspring is being minted as the second generation with animal and crystal traits

  • the crossbreed of generations have produced the first mythical creatures



  • a third generation is formed with etheric traits

  • governance tokens are distributed to the community



  • Philosophers' code is created, fractionized and distributed between founders, developers and community

Paracelsus Labs ® 2022

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